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Safety first! If you don't want to connect your wallets, you can mint it through the contract address of us

The amount of Badass Rare Apepes, which includes a total of 150+ hand-drawn traits, is 3.333. We have reserved 133 of them for giveaways and collabs. Additionally, the first 100 pieces will be put on the market for free, and you will be able to mint two pieces per wallet. Mint per wallet ratio is 5. (If you minted two for free, you will only have 3 pieces per wallet)

First 100 FREE, then 0.0099

Don't leave the website before you see the "Minting Successful" message. Lastly, check your wallet and share your BADASS on Twitter with #BRAYC!

  • Mint Date: Aug 28 03:00 PM CST
  • 150+ Hand Drawn Traits
  • 3.333 Total Supply
  • First 100 Free Mint
  • 133 Team Reserve
  • Max. 5 Item per Wallet


Before telling you the story of us, we invite you to check the NFT projects RAYC and BAYC, since they are our inspiration. Their high-quality community and artwork have always been the source of inspiration for us.


BRAYC is an utility and art based NFT project created by two artists and collectors that were influenced by RAYC. The main theme is to take the art of RAYC and mix it with an urban lifestyle. Our aim is to have a high-quality community that will accompany us throughout this journey. Let's look at some of the essential parts of our project!


Spoilers from the Roadmap and Objectives:

  • The first objective is definitely gathering a healthy community. In order to achieve this, we will make our decisions together. The rest will be enjoying the journey.
  • To provide you the best of us, in terms of art creation. We are working with the best artists for not only the collection designs, but also for our social media designs, banners/headers and some surprises.
  • The marathon starts when all the pieces find themselves an owner. Once the collection gets sold out, we will have whitelist giveaways, giveaways from collections with the capability of becoming the next blue chips and more...
  • Mutant Badass is a little energetic! We know they want you as well, and that is why we are also working on them meticulously. There is even a little spoiler in the image down below, check it out!
  • Lastly, we couldn't miss out the holder special Badass Special Merch Collection! Thanks to our strong relations, we are carrying out this the best way possible.

It is all for now... This will get updated both on Twitter and on our Discord server in time. Moreover, you will be the ones deciding on the roadmap. So, we are all ears for your priorities, recommendations and opinions!

Keep watching us... and as we always say: fasten your seatbelts!